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Birthday Special jewelry with Online Synthetic CZ Gemstones

Everybody is sensitive about his/her birthdays. Not because they were born on this day, but because they receive gifts on that particular day from family, friends and spouses. Gifts are a special way of showing love to the concerned person and it adds more value when the present is a jewelry item made of stones.


CZ gemstones have become a craze because of several factors. Buying online synthetic CZ gemstones is easy because it is just a click away. Purchasing it becomes more special when it represents your birthday. The gemstone for those born in January is the Dark Garnet. This variety is a unique addition to the already existing list of lab created stones.

Special Characteristic Property of Dark Garnet

The original garnet does not have a strong hue. The darker version is a special creation for those born under the sign of Aquarius. The hue comes close to the color ebony, but has overwhelming presence red radiance within it. Hold it under light and it radiates its rich redness in all its glory. People who love darker shades in stones are going to love it. It has a mysterious feel to it and can be used in any jewelry item for this richness and mystery in the gemstone.

Jewelry Items from Lab Created Garnet CZ

Online Synthetic CZ Gemstones All types of jewelry items are crafted from dark garnet Cubic Zirconia. Stunning rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in varying designs are available in the market and at affordable price. A wide variety of eclectic stuff is available that are made from this particular variety of synthetic stone. Sterling silver, gold and copper are used as choicest of metals for crafting the jewelry items. Chunky as well as subtle ornaments which can be paired with highly embellished attires and also with smart casuals are crafted using synthetic gemstones.

Birthdays are always special and using the gemstones that represent the particular month in making jewelry is interesting. These stones are also believed to have some kind of spiritual associations which usher in good luck for the wearer.

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