Speed in Demand Among Men for CZ Diamond Gems

The sale of men’s jewelry is increasing each and every year. Online CZ diamond gems houses are noticing that individual purchases for occasions and self-gratification, rather than for investment purposes was driving sales. The modern men love to wear different types of ornaments and they are not shy to display their …

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Trendy Synthetic Emeralds & Ways to Identify them

synthetic emerald ring

When we talk about perfection, beauty and coloration, emeralds are one of the finest choices. Emeralds have been prized by royalty since ancient times for their majestic green color and their precious rarity. Mainly mined in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe, these gorgeous green colored stones are the piece of …

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5 Prominent Styles of Stone Setting

Prone Setting Tennis Bracelet

“Without the art of stone setting, the dramatic feature of gemstones in most fine jewelry would be less attractive.” We see the wonderful twinkling sparkles in our jewelry, but we overlook the setting styles behind the gemstone ornament. Gemstone jewelry does not look perfect without a proper stone setting because …

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6 Latest Designs of Stone Ear Rings

Ear Jackets

“Earrings are one of the most popular forms of ornament, worn with pride by women”. However, picking the right earring according to the outfit, event, complexion, and face shape enhance your beauty in an accurate way. Here are popular vogues of stone earrings you can wear in various events: 1: …

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